Aluma Arm Chair Batyline Sling For Outdoor Furniture

Aluma Arm Chair Batyline Sling For Hotel Outdoor Furniture an ultra-comfortable dining chair with an ergonomic high backrest to ensure maximum support to both the neck and lumbar area.

– The aluminum frame provides unparalleled corrosion resistance in a light-weight design.
– Its Batyline® Duo reinforced fabric is particularly well suited to poolside areas given its excellent UV resistance and open weave that will not retain water. The 2 thread/1 thread weave, which is tighter than that of the Batyline® Duo, gives it a more detailed look and improved tear resistance. The fabric will not warp and is easy to clean: a little soapy water is all you need.
– The refined armrests are adjustable and offer 5 positions that can be used for dining or dozing.
– The handle behind the backrest facilitates transport. Whether you’re at the table or in the garden, enjoy quiet, cozy moments surrounded by family and friends… Just Aluma Arm Chair Batyline Sling For Hotel Outdoor Furniture.

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