Gazebos are also quite popular in parks and backyards. They can transform the look of your backyard with a relatively small investment. Once you enjoy your first dinner outdoors in the comfort of your own patio, you will be glad that you made this decision! The main difference between gazebos and pergolas is that gazebos ALWAYS have a round shape. This is a quick and easy trick to tell them apart!

Roseline Gazebo Teak Wicker Furniture
Roseline Gazebo Teak Wicker Furniture
Gorge  Gazebo Patio Teak Wicker Furniture
Gorge Gazebo Patio Teak Wicker Furniture


Gazebo Synthetic

Gazebos are shaped in the form of an octagon with a domed roof that is supported by 8 symmetrical pillared columns. Furthermore, pavilions are much larger than gazebos which are ideally designed to accommodate a small gathering of anywhere from 5-15 individuals.

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