Batyline Furniture

The Batyline range has been a reference for indoor and outdoor furniture for over 30 years.

Batyline fabrics make light, resistant and elegant sling seats and covers. Wide range of colours, variety of weaves and textures… find the Batyline to suit your needs!

Frame you can combine with:
Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, wood or as per your request.

Ferrari is a world leader in high tech fabrics. Batyline® has been developed specifically for outdoor use. It is made of polyester fibres coated in PVC. It has a maximum stretch of 3% and it also has a memory – it will slowly return to its original shape and size.

Batyline® mesh is 100% Synthetic | Highly Resistant to Rot, Mildew, UV-light | Extreme Temperature Resistant -30°C to 70°C | Environmentally Friendly | 100% EO Rating – Recyclable.

Rotan Jepara® Design Studio has carefully selected a colour palette of Batyline® mesh colours allowing you the creativity to style it your way.

Simply wash mesh with a mild natural detergent with luke warm water and a soft non abrasive bristle brush, and rinse with a gentle spray of clean water from a hosepipe or bucket. Leave to dry.

Contact us to get a collection of products / our furniture catalog, Or click here to see the collection of table, be it material or synthetic wicker natural rattan.

Contact us to get a collection of products / our furniture catalog.