Oreo Round table rope for beach club outdoor bar Resort and Hotel

Powder coated aluminium frame and table top with marble, complemented by a handmade webbing of outdoor rope in a natural and black color. Or can custom as your request

Creating an effortless stylish and unique coastal look in your home, this product commands your attention and makes a bold style statement in the best of ways.

Dimensions: 80 d x 40 h cm
Materials: Aluminium, outdoor rope


Frame is made from aluminum with a white powder coat finish
Handmade webbing of durable outdoor rope in a natural colour
Suitable for indoor and full outdoor use


Traditional craftsmanship
Cultural heritage
Good design


Sustainable low-waste production techniques




Estimated delivery time: 2-20 weeks (depending on availability), please inquire prior to ordering if you are working in a tight schedule
Order processing time: 2 weeks

NB: Due to the hand-crafted nature of the coffee table Collection pieces, shipping times may change. If you require an item in a specific time frame please contact us to confirm delivery time prior to ordering.


Have a question? Email info@rotanjepara.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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