Javara Pendant Lamp Resort Rattan Hand Made

Rattan Lampshade for Sustainable Decor. Coastal Luxe. Boho. Modern Farmhouse. Handmade Wicker Pendant Light. Eco Friendly Lighting

Featuring a tropical look, this pendant made of wavy rattan in natural colour and suspended to the ceiling with an iron rod in vintage gold finish, Alana pendant would bring a tropical vibe into the room.

This is another version from our Alana pendant, Made of wavy natural rattan in an dome shape with milky white ball resin shade, this pendant would bring a tropical vibe into the room.

Height: 90 cm
Largest Diameter: 110 cm

*Note: As items are handmade from natural materials, there might be minor variations in shape, size and colour among products making each and every one of them unique and rare to find. These variations do not affect quality of the product.

Dive into a realm of tranquillity and make your house a home with Twinnie’s handmade rattan pendant light. Featured traditional craftsmanship, classic weaving style and sophisticated design, this pendant light will make a statement in your home.
Handmade from carefully selected rattan, this masterpiece won’t disappoint you, or money-back guarantee.


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