Gibran Rustic Teak Table Stainless Hotel Furniture


Our modern rustic Gibran Rustic Teak Table Stainless Hotel Furniture is the perfect mix of new and old. With box steel legs and a modern rustic wood top you get style with bags of character.

The square shape of the industrial legs provides a simple silhouette. You can choose from either black or steel.

Our handmade solid wood table tops are built to order with an emphasis on sustainability. Our reclaimed or repurposed wood used for our modern rustic tabletops come from a variety of sources and is all found in the Indonesia.

You’ll find a variety of features that vary from table to table, these may be from their previous life or simply the natural grain and pattern in the wood. We enhance these features and will never send out a table we wouldn’t want ourselves. They look and feel like real wood and are fit for everyday use.



Available in lengths between 3ft (90cm) and 11ft (330cm).
If you are looking for a specific size that is not listed then see our ‘Bespoke’ page for more details.

Standard width: 84cm / 4 planks (can be between 80-88cm).
Available with one extra plank: 105cm / 5 plank width (can be between 100-108cm).

Standard height: 75cm

Tabletop thickness: 3-3.5cm

Space between table legs: 30cm less than the overall length.
Our matching Smithy benches fit perfectly between the table legs.

The dining table legs on the Smithy table are detachable and will be delivered with the legs removed. Fixings are provided.

Our tables are easy to care for – see our ‘Table Care’ page for further details.

Choose from one of three finishes for your tabletop (Natural, Light Antique, and Dark Antique) and your preferred plank style (Clean and Uniform planks, Somewhere in the Middle, and Rustic Planks with Character).

Examples of all of our finishes are available to view on the Gallery and Finishes pages.
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