Gemoy Arm Dining Chair Hotel Furniture Indoor

The Gemoy collection has clean, contemporary lines in a natural-looking neutral shade of resin wicker. The weave allows air to flow through keeping you cool while looking great! Gemoy Arm Dining Chair Hotel Furniture Indoor would work with almost any outdoor space, as the marriage of materials, and the amount of options gives you room to be creative! The driftwood outdoor wicker and solid teak dining chair is made for comfort while dining and relaxing.

Features :
– Perhutani Indonesia teak
– Traditional mortise and tenon construction
– Fine, sanded finish
– Smooth and tight joinery
– Hand-woven resin wicker
– Large half-round wicker strands
– Fully assembled and cross-braced seating
– Adjustable guides

Frame: Rinse with water. Wipe down the frame with our teak cleaner and a soft brush. Wait 5 minutes before rinsing.

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