Ariana Batyline Pilpres Arm Chair Stainless Furniture Resort

Ariana Batyline Pilpres Arm Chair Stainless Furniture Resort, designed by Rotan Jepara, catches the eye by its minimalist design. The most striking characteristic of this luxury outdoor lounge chair is the rectangular shape of the armrests, holding the seat in suspension. The appearance of this modern lounge chair is very spatial and pure and is minimalist and architectural in design. The Batyline seat of the Ariana Batyline Pilpres Arm Chair Stainless Furniture Resort is ergonomically and slightly tilted to the back and is available in three basic colors.
Being part of the Lounge collection modular system the armrest are exchangeable. One can choose between a stainless steel, powder coated stainless steel or teak version. The armrests with a powder coated finish are available in the same colors as the seats.
Comfortably lounging in style
The optional cushions for the designer chairs and sofas are available in different styles which make it possible to adapt this designer lounge furniture to fit your personal preferences and give it an unique appearance. A tempting lounge chair with teak armrests and big, comfortable cushions or a modern stainless steel lounge chair which reminiscences to the Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe, it will be a real eye-catcher on the patio or in the house. The cushions for this luxury outdoor furniture range are developed to provide superlative comfort and can be enjoyed all year round in many contemporary outdoor spaces.
The simple clean lines of the Lounge Collection make this a timeless modern design. The stainless steel elements to the furniture are optionally available in an electro polished finish. This provides optimum durability and resistance to even the harshest of marine environments.
  • Style : minimalist design
  • Seat & Backreast material : Batyline®
  • Frame material : stainless steel
  • Options : with footrest, cushion, modular
  • Color : black, white,  gray, beige, brown, etc custom as your request
  • Market : contract, for hotel, for bar, cafe, villa, resort, home  decor, apartment, pavilion, dining set, living set
  • Location : garden, indoor or outdoor
  • Base type : sled base
  • Armrest : with armrests
  • Motif : plain
  • Seat height 33 cm (13 in)
  • Total height 71 cm (28 in)
  • Total width 91 cm (35.8 in)
  • Total depth 78 cm (30.7 in)

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