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Who doesn’t feels like having gorgeous outdoor furniture for their homes and offices? LexMod has very affordable and quality outdoor rattan furniture to offer. The all new LexMod Fusion 12-Piece Outdoor Rattan patio furniture set is all set to make your outdoors really appealing and impressive. LexMod is a reliable name in the furniture market which is known to produce some quality products. This furniture set, comes with Mocha Cushions, is shipped pre-assembled.

You must be interested in buying this outdoor rattan furniture but before you finally make that move we want you to go through complete product details.
Product Description

Made from power coated aluminum frame you can rest assured that your investment is not going to be a waste of money at all. The all aluminum frame is weaved with quality all weather synthetic rattan with not only looks complicatedly exotic but also is durable. The cushions provided are very high grade and do not lose their firmness and bounciness for years. The cushion covers offered are water and UV rays resistant so you don’t have to look forward to routinely change the covers.

Complete product specifications are as follows:

  • All aluminum power coated frame
  • High grade all weather synthetic rattan
  • Cushion covers which are water and UV resistant
  • Tempered glass top
  • Available in many colors
    Comes pre-assembled

The complete set of LexMod Fusion 12-Piece Outdoor Rattan furniture includes following:

  • Two 30”x30”x26” armchairs
  • Coffee table-43-inchx24-inchx12-inch
  • Chaise lounge-79-inchx30-inchx12-inch
  • Ottoman-30-inchx30-inchx26-inch
  • One side table-18-inchx18-inchx18-inch
  • Two Mini Ottoman- 24-inchx24-inchx12-inch
  • Sofa section measures 30-inchx53-inchx26-inch
  • Two armless section measuring 30-inchx26-inchx26-inch

Whatever you are looking for in an ideal outdoor furniture, this product can offer you all that within budget. It is offering you freedom for harmonious position due to its sectional design. Add life to every gathering and make use of this furniture for perfection.

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