Tapered Leg Chair Rope Aluminum Furniture Outdoor Resort Beach Club

Tapered Leg Chair Rope Aluminum Furniture Outdoor Resort Beach Club

The armchair for professional use, is beautiful ! Modern, comfortable, and stable ! The three-tone coloring of the black-colored frame and white seat and backrest with the BEIGE ROPE lining on the back is unique. The back is slightly rounded while the seat, instead of a cushion, sports durable ROPE fabric.

This armchair will aesthetically upgrade the space you put it and will catch the eye thanks to its clean-cut design. Also, the fact that it is stackable makes it very practical since you can store it in the smallest possible space.

  • DIMENSIONS: 45x63x82 cm.
  • Aluminum frame: 38x17mm on legs—38x19mm on seat
    Aluminum thickness: 1.5 mm

The frame of the armchair is made of powder coated aluminum. Aluminum is a “BLACK MATTE” material that can be recycled indefinitely, maintaining its characteristics without any quality degradation. Aluminum naturally forms a thin oxide layer on the surface in contact with air, which provides very good corrosion protection, even in corrosive environments. This layer can be further strengthened by surface treatment such as powder coating.

Info : Powder coating is a dry coating process used as a metal finish mostly on industrial equipment. Powder coating is applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat.
The armchair is upholstered with polyester ROPE. In most garden furniture and outdoor furniture in general, ROPE material is used, i.e., high-quality man-made fibers. This gives the construction exceptional strength and durability in extreme heat or cold conditions.

Thanks to the durability of both aluminum and polyester ROPE and CUSHION, the maintenance of the armchair is easy. In addition to regular dusting, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

We do NOT use detergents, bleaches, and polishes. If, nevertheless, the use of detergent is necessary, then we use mild soap with warm water.

We do NOT use a pressure machine or hose with pressure because it will damage the fibers.


  • • Sturdy construction
  • • Modern design
  • • Aesthetic superiority with ROPE and CUSHION and the champagne-colored aluminum
  • • Ease of maintenance
  • • Stackable
  • • Amazing value for money

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